Oriental Healing PV has re-opened their offices conveniently located on Calle Constitution near corner of V. Carranza in Puerto Vallarta Central district of Emilano Zapata. Robin Manoogian‘s new clinic is a private spa acupuncture and features a new facial lifting technique. Call or Come by for a free consultation or to peruse our boutique!

Acupuncture Overview

According to Chinese medicine, the energy of our body flows in channels called meridians. There are 12 main meridians each linked with an internal organ. Along these meridians there are many acupuncture points, each point responding differently when needled during a treatment session. Whereas using one needle to activate one point, sending out one message to the body; using a combination …

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Acupuncture Clinic

Our practice is based on the principles of providing effective and affordable acupuncture treatments to the Puerto Vallarta community. We believe that this ancient and powerful healing system should be accessible to everyone in Puerto Vallarta. …

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Facial Thread Lifting

This mildly invasive acupuncture facelift produces amazing results without going under the knife with minimal bruising. The fibers dissolve within months and the substance stimulate collagen production and the muscles start to lift and wrinkles are filled in …

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I had my first acupuncture treatment ever here, and I loved it! I had the pleasure of having Robin Manoogian for my acupuncturist. She eased me into this whole...–Robert Klein