For Consistent Weight Loss, Eat Yogurt Every Day

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For Consistent Weight Loss, Eat Yogurt Every Day

Dr. Eric Braverman writes in his Huffington Post article another pro- dairy report for weight loss.


I am very partial to these reports seeing I have lost over 10 kilos and and keeping it off by eating a low carb diet that incorporates dairy such as measured portions of yogurt and cheeses.

DrBraverman states in his book “Researchers at the University of Knoxville have found that dietary calcium directly influence your weight loss efforts. High calcium foods, notably dairy sources, have been shown to increase body fat breakdown and preserve metabolism during dieting. High levels of calcium will also help your body get younger by building strong bones. This study suggests eating three servings of dairy products a day to get the most benefit.”

He also states”Increasing your calcium intake can also directly reduce belly fat. A study presented at the Obesity Society Meeting of 2007 showed significant abdominal fat reduction following calcium supplementation. During the course of the seven week study, participants ate 3-4 servings of dairy foods each day. The data showed that an exercise program combined with a reduced calorie diet, and an increase in dairy consumption changed metabolism significantly enough to effect the amount of body fat burned.”


My trainer has suggested I eat a bedtime snack ( about 2 hours before bed) of cottage cheese and strawberries.  I thought it odd and disbelieved him so I did my own research and found the benefitsof  cottage cheese and body building.

Cottage cheese’s muscle building powers comes from two different components. Cottage cheese contains a high proportion of casein, the slow digesting dairy protein. When you eat casein you blood amino acid levels rise slowly and stay elevated for longer than if you would have eaten whey (the other dairy protein). Cottage cheese also contains live cultures which are good bacteria what will help you breakdown and absorb all the nutrients you need to get bigger and stronger.


Cottage cheese is high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates.  The protein found in cottage cheese is a complete protein as it contains all of the essential amino acids.  It contains a high concentration of the casein protein which is derived from dairy products.  Casein protein digests slowly and bodybuilders typically consume it before they sleep at night to help prevent muscle breakdown.


Please read on why dairy is good for weight loss and pre and menopausal women.  I personally make my own yogurt and will be featuring articles on that.



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